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Waste Management & Collection in Edinburgh

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Waste Collection Service in Edinburgh

Skip Hire Edinburgh understands that not everyone faces the same waste collection needs, which is why they offer a variety of service packages to suit your individual requirements.

 Skip hire in Edinburgh has always been seen as an essential part of construction work and public services (schools, nurseries). Skip rental was traditionally offered in the traditional skip-hire style-drop off a container on site for you to fill up yourself before we collect it again a few days later.

This model never really suited commercial customers, who often require different types or levels of access because they are conducting business whilst carrying out their project, so at Skip Hire Edinburgh we have developed alternative models such as one-day skips, which means all rubbish will be collected from your property.

Our team of experts are always available to help you decide which service is the best option for your unique situation. Our range includes waste pick-up, cleaning, and other services depending on your needs.
When faced with a project that requires something more than an average skip hire might offer, our team will work hard to find what’s perfect for you! 

Wait & Load Hire Edinburgh

This service is designed for tasks where the customer has garbage that is ready to be loaded into a skip but does not have the space or has a time frame that allows a skip to sit for several days. With this service, we can deliver a “wait and load” skip hire anywhere in Edinburgh.

When we arrive, we will place the skip in your preferred location and wait for a short period while you or your builders/landscapers/family fill the skip, after which we will lift the skip back onto our skip lorry and remove it, saving you the hassle of having a skip sitting on your driveway.

This saves you the time, effort, and money of acquiring a skip hiring permit from your local government, which may take several days or even weeks and varies in price depending on where you reside.

Skip hire is a great way to remove junk and debris from your property. However, if you lack the space for a one-time use skip or live in an area with tight parking restrictions, then hiring wait and load skips is perfect for you! Waiting while they’re being loaded means that there’s no need to pay someone else to do it, whilst also saving time during delivery. 

Waste Recycling Service

Skip Hire Edinburgh has the answer to your waste removal needs.

From a single-time project at home, an ongoing service for businesses or public services organisations we are able to efficiently and affordably dispose of any type of rubbish you might have including paper, plastics, glass etc.;our team is well equipped with all the necessary safety equipment as required by law.

Skip hire Edinburgh offers a professional waste management solution no matter if it’s one off disposal or regular service; whether you’re looking for help with disposing household trash such as plastic bottles and newspapers or more complicated office supplies like cardboard boxes – Skip Hire can get rid of everything from A-Z!

Experienced Waste Management Firm

As Scotland moves forward with the Scottish government’s “Zero Waste Plan,” it is important to understand that, as a responsible waste management service, we exclusively work in partnership with those who comply fully with the relevant Scottish waste regulations and guidelines. We have our own zero-waste plan designed for maximum efficiency, so you can get one step closer to being part of an eco-friendly society!

The act of dumping trash in public places is a problem that has been greatly overlooked. It’s not just an eyesore and a potential health hazard, but it also endangers our environment for future generations by creating mountains of waste from irresponsible individuals who don’t want to deal with their own garbage properly.

Our prices reflect the fact that your waste is handled legally and correctly, as opposed to some (unreasonably) low-cost skip hire companies who seem to believe it is acceptable to dump waste anywhere they think no one will notice it, polluting Scotland’s environment for the sake of a quick buck, while we taxpayers are left to foot the bill. We at Skip Hire Edinburgh condemn such reckless behaviour and encourage you to think twice before opting for any suspiciously cheaper choices-the chances are that your garbage is being disposed of illegally and unprofessionally, maybe even in your local woods or beauty spot. Cleaning up this unlawful garbage costs councils (and local taxpayers) over £2.5 million each year-money that comes straight out of your pocket. 

In the long run, it’s critical to keep as much waste out of landfill as possible, as it’s not a viable option for the future, as existing landfill sites simply fill up with waste, forcing Scotland to either run out of space or devote more of its valuable space to dumping waste when it would have been far better to keep as much waste out of landfill in the first place. Even garbage that you may not have thought reusable, recyclable, or recoverable can be — the Scottish government, for example, plans to recycle 70% of building and demolition waste by 2020. The stated goal is for 70% of all trash to be recycled, composted, or processed for re-use by 2025, with no more than 5% of waste going to landfill. 

Tell us about your waste removal needs

We can all work together to manage your waste effectively. Tell us what you are putting into the skip or which items we will remove with our man and van service, so that it is sorted for recycling and reuse when possible.

We have heard of other less reputable companies refusing to uplift skips containing such “surprise” items and leaving them on customers’ driveways for months so it’s always best to honestly describe the waste, which if in doubt about anything then just ask. If you intend to dispose of any of the following in your skip, please tell us

This ensures that we know what kind of load is coming with no nasty surprises- a potential hazard or an entire load spoiled because recyclable material was mixed into nonrecyclables. We want our clients as happy as possible by providing quality service at affordable rates without using shoddy practices like those mentioned above!

When you call for a skip, be sure to mention if any of the following have been discarded in your trash: When it comes time for some major household cleaning or construction project that involves heavy lifting and disposal – don’t forget about our skips!

  • Mattresses
  • Fridges/freezers
  • TV’s/laptops
  • Electrical appliances
  • Large amounts of carpet
  • Paints
  • Oils
  • Tyres
  • Car batteries
  • Asbestos-containing materials

As a professional waste management company, we help you dispose of all kinds of unwanted objects. It is important to speak with one of our representatives so that they can provide the best advice for your specific needs and ensure that Scotland’s environment will not be affected by improper disposal methods. Call us now at 0131 322 1604 to discuss how we can assist in properly disposing of any type or form of material, no matter what it may be!

As an experienced waste management team, Waste Management UK strives to find solutions on behalf of their customers–no matter the materials involved–in order to reduce environmental impact as much as possible.

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