Breath-Taking Architecture of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland

The Royal Mile is a historic street in Edinburgh, Scotland. It stretches from the Royal Palace of Holyroodhouse at one end to the Scottish Parliament building at the other. The street was formally established by King David I of Scotland around 1128 as a fortification against Vikings who raided settlements on either side of it, and extended eastwards towards St Giles’ Cathedral which he founded that year. It is lined with shops, restaurants, pubs, and other attractions for tourists to visit while exploring this beautiful city. Information can be found here.

Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland is a street that connects all the main sights within Old Town. It starts at West End where you can find Queen Street and ends up on Parliament Square just past Holyrood. The Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland has many historical buildings such as St Giles’ Cathedral, John Knox House, Writers Museum, and Greyfriars Kirk Church with its unique picturesque graveyard among others. There are several museums along the route including the National Gallery Of Scotland, People Story Museum which will bring back memories of your childhood, Museum Of Scotland , Royal Scottish Academy with its collection of paintings by artists from the Renaissance to the Victorian period. See here for information about Dean Village: A Beautiful Place in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland has plenty of sights along its course including many churches such as Greyfriars Kirk seen above! One can also get down via an underground passage called Cowgate if you are interested in exploring the Royal Mile at night!